About Us

Safe, Efficient and Timely Freight Delivery

Material Transport understands the importance of safe, efficient and timely freight delivery, with minimal interruptions when our drivers are on the road. We are continually investing in new trucks that are equipped with the latest emission reducing technology, phasing out less efficient vehicles. We maintain a fleet that is one of the most environmentally sensitive and reliable in the industry.

We are committed to running newer model trucks that minimize truck downtime, resulting in fewer delays. Additional benefits of late model equipment are enhanced safety features, reduced environmental concerns, fuel efficiency and better driver retention. All of our trucks are equipped with mobile communications, tracking systems and electronic recorders. Our vehicles are well maintained through weekly maintenance and proper inspections.  Older trucks and trailers are upgraded or retired to keep our drivers, the loads they carry and our fleet safe.

Our Fleet

Our OTR fleet is comprised exclusively of late model Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. Newest additions to the fleet are long hood 389s and W-9s, and 48’ Reitnouer trailers. These join the fleet of Peterbilt 567s and Kenworth T-660s, with 45’ Reitnouer and Western trailers. Designed to be compliant to California’s length-limited roads, these trucks regularly make trips to coastal and mountain routes in northern California. We also have several day cabs that are equipped with 42’ and 45’ trailers for jobsite and lightweight needs.


Electronic technology has created efficiencies in nearly every aspect of our business. Our focus on safety has been enhanced with the implementation of GPS. We follow optimal routes, monitor driver safety and inspection reports daily. Driver inspection and engine fault code reports are received electronically and enable us to address issues before they become expensive repairs. Maintenance is done during off hours and on weekends, ensuring that our trucks are available when our customers need them. Driver score cards rate the safety and performance of our drivers. Loads are monitored every step of the way, beginning with load time and ending with delivery.

Material Transport Core Values


A total committment to accident-free behavior


Straightforward, ethical and trustworthy behavior


A committment to personal responsibility

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing pursuit of exceptional performance

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