Freight Order Reporting


This training will cover how to submit updates to Material Transport as orders are picked up and delivered.

Reporting Updates to Material Transport

Login to Material Transport’s Logistics Business Network using the username or email address and password you created during the on-boarding process.

Under the Freight Order Management section, click on the “Freight Orders for Reporting” tile:

On this screen you will see every order that can be reported on.

There are three types of events that are expected to be reported:

Pickup – Exact date and time the order was picked up.

Delivery – Exact date and time the order was delivered.

Delay – Delays with pick-up, delivery, or in transit.

Note: Delays should only be reported when there is a true delay during pickup or in transit.

To report an event, click the order to be reported on, the row will turn light grey: 

Here you will see each pick-up and delivery location (stops) along with expected date and times.

In this example, this order has two events that can be reported on. Stop 1, the pickup of the order, which in Logistics Business Network is referred to as the departure event. And Stop 2, the delivery of the order, which in Logistics Business Network is referred to as the arrival event.

To report the date and time for each event, click the button “Report Final Time”: 

In the pop-up that opens, click the calendar icon:

Note: At the top of the pop-up window, you will see Material Transport, the order number, and the event type.

Select the date and time for the event you are reporting

In this example we are reporting a departure date and time, click “Ok” once the date and time is selected:

Should you need to report a delay, you can select a reason for the delay from the dropdown and add a note to the “Additional Details” text field:

For example: “Hwy 80 West blocked by accident causing 1 hour delay”

Click the “Report” button to report the final date and time for the event.
Note that the “Reporting Status” at the top of the screen has changed to “Reporting in Progress.” This status will update to completed once the final event has been reported. You will also receive a notification at the bottom of the screen after making a successful report:
Repeat this process for each event on each order as they occur.

To return to the orders select page, click the back arrow next to the SAP logo in the top left corner of the page:

Freight Order Reporting Video