Creating Your SAP Account Part 1

Before beginning, coordinate with your company to be enrolled in Logistics Business Network.

Part 1 – Creating Your SAP Store Account

1) When told you are ready to use this program, you will have an email from

2) Open the invitation email from SAP “Invitation to join SAP Logistics Business Network, Basic Membership”


3) In the middle of the email, you will see large, yellow text, for example:

a. Important: Your PO number is: XXXXXXXXXXXX.
You will need this code later, write it down on a piece of paper for easy reference. This code is cAsE SenSitiVe, be sure note capitol letters.

Note: This code will be different for each user, you can not share them.



4) Directly above the code you just wrote down is a link, click (tap) this link:



5) On the page that opens (the SAP store), accept the cookies by clicking (tapping) “Accept.”



6) Click (tap) the blue “Get Now” button.



7) Section 1 of this form should be filled out for you and minimized.

Registering Your Information

1) Enter your work email address. If you don’t have one, enter the email address you would like to use.

2) Re-enter your email address.

3) Enter your First name.

4) Enter your Last name.

5) Select your industry from the dropdown – Select: “Transportation (Travel and Logistics)”

6) Enter your company name.

7) Enter your companies address – Street, city, zip code, and state.



8) Create a password that you will remember, the password MUST be:

a. Eight characters.
b. Use one uppercase letter.
c. Use at least one number.
d. Use at least one symbol – example symbols: !@#$%^&*()



9) Click the blue “Continue” button to continue to part 3.


Entering Your PO Number

1) Enter the number you wrote down from part one in the entry box, “Add PO number”

a. Note: If your code has an upper case I and L , they can look the same, if your code isn’t working try both letters.
b. Note: PO means the code you wrote down, not a PO box address.




2) Click (tap) the blue button “Place Order”
        Note: If the code was entered incorrectly you will get an error that looks like a red rectangle. Re-enter your code making sure you enter it correctly.

3) When completed successfully, you will be taken to the order summary page.



After completing these steps and clicking “Place Order” you will get two emails from SAP sometime in the next hour that we will use for the next part of this training.

Proceed to Part 2 ->

If you need assistance, contact Material Transport at (916) 266-5300

Creating Your SAP Account Video 1