Resolving Open Disputes with Material Transport


In this scenario, as a carrier you have submitted an invoice that has discrepancies from the originally planned charges created by Material Transport. This will create a dispute in Logistics Business Network. When Material Transport reviews the dispute they will be able to approve, counter, or reject the dispute. In the event Material Transport doesn’t approve the dispute, you will see the dispute in Logistics Business Network. This training will teach you how to resolve an open dispute with Material Transport.

1. Resolving Disputes

To view open disputes, click on the “Freight Settlement” tab and open the app, “Disputes”

Note: The app tile will display the number of open disputes, in our example there is one open dispute.

Once in the app, you will see a view of any new disputes. You can switch between All, New, To Be Approved, Submitted, and Resolved disputes by clicking the corresponding link in the header.

We are going to resolve our open dispute by clicking the “To Be Approved” tab, and opening the dispute by clicking on the row:

Note: The row will turn grey when you can click on it.

In the view that opens we can see charges in the dispute. In our example we can see the linehaul rate, the stop off charge, tarping charge, and waiting charges.

In the status column you can see that the stop off and tarping charges were accepted but the waiting charge was rejected:

In the rejected status you can see why it was rejected. In our example this charge was rejected for the reason that it was not relevant.

You can click on the row for the rejected line to see any notes. You can see the note added to this rejected charge is “No waiting confirmed by the shipping site”:

At this point you can choose to accept the counter offer from Material Transport, or submit your own counter charge.

To counter the charge, enter the amount you want to counter with for each item in dispute and click “Submit”:

Note: Once you click “Submit”, the invoice will be sent to Material Transport to approval.

To accept the dispute from Material Transport click the check mark in the right most column of the table:
The status will update to “Accepted by carrier after rejection” and the final rate amount and final amount will update to $0.00.

When you are done updating your disputes, click “Submit” to send the updated invoice to Material Transport for billing:

When you’re done managing your disputes, return to the Logistics Business Network home page by clicking the back arrow, next to the SAP logo:

Resolving Disputes Video