Submitting an Invoice


This training will cover submitting an invoice to Material Transport using Logistics Business Network.


Submitting Your Invoice to Material Transport

Login to Material Transport’s Logistics Business Network using the username or email address and password you created during the on-boarding process.

Under the “Freight Settlement” section, click on the “Freight Orders for Settlement” tile:

Listed are each invoice pending to be submitted.

You can switch to viewing all invoices by clicking “All,” “Invoicing in Process” and “Completely Invoiced” by switching tabs in the header:

Click on the invoice you want to submit, the row will turn light grey and your pointer into a finger when it is clickable:
Using the tabs for navigation in the invoice, you can view the “Cargo,” and “Charges” planned per your agreement with Material Transport:
To begin the process for submitting this invoice, click the button at the top right of the page “Create Invoice”:
Enter your invoice number. This number is unique to you and part of your own invoicing process:
After entering you invoice number, click the charges tab:
Here you will see any pre-negotiated charges with Material Transport. If you need to make a change, simply change the dollar amount of the row requiring a change.

If you need to add a charge to this invoice, click the “Add” button to the right of the page and click “Charges”:

Select the type of charge to be added by clicking the charge selection menu, it looks like two overlapping boxes:
Select the type of charge from the list that opens. The window will close automatically after selecting the charge type.

Note: If you make a mistake when choosing the charge type, open the selection window again and select the correct charge.

Next, enter the charge amount:
You can add notes to this invoice by clicking the Notes tab:

Note: All Home Depot deliveries require a proof of delivery KeyReq number to be entered in the invoice notes. If you do not enter the KeyReq number, the invoice will not be approved.

Click the “attachments” tab. All invoices require proof of delivery to be attached to the invoice.

You can drag and drop proof of delivery documents onto this page or they can be uploaded by clicking the “Add” button and attaching your document(s):

To submit your completed invoice, click “Submit” in the bottom right corner of the page. Remember all invoices must have attached proof of delivery documents before the invoice can be submitted.

Note: You can also save your progress by clicking “Save” at any time.

After submitting your invoice, and all required fields have been completed, you will see “Document Submitted” in a pop-up at the bottom of the screen:
Successfully submitted invoices will have a status of “Submitted.”

Once submitted your invoice will be reviewed; and if all is OK, your payment will be processed.

Return to the Freight Orders for Settlement screen by clicking the back arrow, next to the SAP logo at the top left corner of the page:

Submitting an Invoice Video