User Notification Settings


This tutorial will show you how to subscribe to event notifications in Logistics Business Network.

The first section will show you how to enable notifications for your Logistics Business Network. The second section will show you how to subscribe users so they receive notifications when an event happens.

Notification settings are set per user. For example, if you have five LBN users, you will need to subscribe each user to notifications individually following the steps below.

1. Enable Notifications for your Logistics Business Network

If you want users to receive notifications from Logistics Business Network, you need to tell LBN what kind of events to push notifications for. This can only be completed by an administrator.

Login to your Logistics Business Network account. In the header menu click “Manage Network” and open the app “Manage Notification Settings”: 

A list of scenarios will open. Click the scenario you want Logistics Business Network to send a notification about.

For example, click the scenario “Invoice Submission After Dispute Resolution”:

In the Configurations tab, move the switch”On-Event Notification” to “Yes” to turn on system wide notifications for this event.

When this is toggled to “Yes” all users that are subscribed to this event will receive a Notification.

There is no save button, when you move the toggle switch the system automatically saves.

Repeat this process for each event you want to receive notifications for.

2. Subscribe Users to Notifications from LBN

To subscribe to notifications from Logistics Business Network, login to your LBN account.

In the header, select “Settings” and open the app, “Define User Settings”:

In this app, you can change your default unit of measure from Kilometers to Miles as well as subscribe to notifications.

To subscribe to notifications from LBN, first, enter your email address or the email address for the user you want to receive notifications.

Next, check the box next to each notification you would like to receive:

After saving your changes you will see the pop-up “Changes Saved”:
Return to the Logistics Business Network home page by clicking the back arrow, next to the SAP logo: