Material Transport – SAP Logistics Business Network

The SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN) will be used by Material Transport to manage loads with its independent carriers starting on July 1st, 2021.   In preparation for this transition, carriers should sign up for the SAP Logistics Business Network prior to June 21st, 2021.  LBN is accessed from your computer or phone browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome) at a web address unique for each carrier and provided to you by SAP.  LBN has the following main features: 

  • Notification to carriers of available loads – dates, cargo, destinations, rate, etc. 
  • Ability for a carrier to accept or decline a load 
  • Ability for carrier to notify Material Transport of load status (e.g. a delay, or delivered) 
  • Ability for carrier to upload proof of delivery
  • Ability for carrier to invoice Material Transport directly from the system, and propose rate adjustments when necessary

The first step for carriers to work with Material Transport and the Logistics business network is to register for your account with SAP – see On-boarding Part 1 and 2 below for details. 

    LBN Support

    For questions about loads, load status updates, or invoicing questions, call or email your MT Dispatcher at (916) 266-5300, or For technical help using LBN, call or email Pacific Coast technical support at (916) 631-6600, or When calling technical support at (916) 631-6600, make the following menu choices for LBN support:
      1. Select Option 3 for Logistics Business Network (LBN) Support
      2. Select English or Spanish
      Please download TeamViewer 12 before calling to get support. This will allow our support team to look at your computer, phone, or tablet to see your issue, and help resolve it. They will also have the ability to make changes to your LBN and take screenshots to give further assistance.
    Important: Please download TeamViewer version 12, and no other version, in order to receive help. How to install TeamViewer 12:
      1. Go to the link:
      2. Select the tab that says "TeamViewer 12 Version"
      3. Download the "TeamViewer QuickSupport" app for your computer or mobile device (Windows, macOS, Android or Linux)
      4. Install the application and double-click to open
      5. Answer and accept security questions. Note: If a pop-up appears that says, "How do you want to use TeamViewer?" select "Personal/Non-commercial use"
      6. A window will appear with your ID and password: share this with your support agent if necessary
    LBN help is also available on the web directly from SAP

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Question  Answer 
    Do I have to use LBN, or can I still work with you the same way as before – phone, text, email?
    You must manage all your loads with LBN. 
    What is the URL (web address) I use to work with LBN?
    Each carrier has a unique web address which will be emailed to you when you complete the registration process – bookmark it! 
    Can I use LBN with my phone or do I need to use a computer?
    LBN is accessed using a web browser (for example Chrome or Safari) and can be accessed from either a smart phone or computer – both require an internet connection.
    What if I can’t log in to my LBN account?  Contact or call (916) 631-6600 and select the Logistics Business Network option in the voice menu.   Make sure you notify  know that you are currently unable to connect to LBN.
    What if I don’t agree with the rate you are offering me for a load?
    You can reject the load via LBN or call your dispatcher to discuss the rate. 
    What is I reject a load by mistake, can I “undo” and accept?  No, call dispatch at Material Transport to work this out. 
    What if I accept a load then need to make a change or can no longer handle the load?
    Call your dispatcher to make the change in the system. 
    How do I add users to my LBN account?
    You can access training on this here LBN User Management.
    How do I change or delete users on my LBN account?

    You can access training on this here LBN User Management.


    Do I still need to mail paper invoices and PODs?
    No, these are now uploaded using LBN. 

    Do I have to complete reporting (mark load as complete and upload POD) before I invoice? 


    What if I don’t have internet service on my phone?
    Wait until you are in range of service, or if necessary, call your dispatcher. 
    What happens if I need to charge more for a load than the initial agreement?
    Disputes to charges can be filed via the LBN invoicing process (see training above). 
    I am not seeing all the tiles in LBN that you showed me in training – for example, I see no tile called Freight Orders for Confirmation? It is likely your user does not have the ALL_Function role assigned to them.   Click here for information on how to set up roles for your users.
    Are tolls included in the rates I am offered to accept? Yes.
    Are fuel surcharges included in the rates I am offered to accept? Yes, these are automatically updated monthly on the third Tuesday based on figures published at   You can see the % surcharge on your invoice on LBN.
    I am unable to invoice – why? Check to make sure that you have reported the final status of your load with the delivery date and time.   Without this, LBN will not let you invoice.
    How are pallet returns done with the new system? Learn about this process by clicking here.